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Case Study: Teambrown Apparel

Website Migration | Shopify Ecommerce Build | Website SEO

Teambrown Apparel approached us at the end of 2021 looking to move their apparel site from Wix to Shopify. Their brand sells over 700 custom products, from shirts to hoodies, to wholesale apparel, and they needed a more robust e-commerce platform to handle their growth.

Ryan Autumn, in partnership with Momentum Digital was proud to take on this project. Within two months, we imported their products, built over 50 custom categories, and imported 200+ blog posts.

Shopify Website Buildout

In the video, you may note that Teambrown's original website got the job done (meaning it listed all of their products) but it had some issues. Teambrown was looking for a clean, modern design, with an amazing navigation menu and flawless search functionality. For such a large volume Shopify store, we agreed that these were our top priorities.

Teambrown loves history, especially baseball history. Because their team loves sharing about the sport, their site was already packed with 200+ blog posts. Not a problem, we transferred each post to their new Shopify site to make sure each keyword remained in tact!

Generally with a website migration you can expect a few bumps along the way. With Teambrown, we need a custom solution for variant imports and Wix's dual description functionality. Wix allows products to have multiple description boxes, while Shopify allows for one. So when the products imported, their main description survived, while the "specs." description stayed on Wix.

We worked with the client on a custom workaround for this problem, which looked like sneakily using Shopify's "size chart" option to show the second product description.

At migration, Teambrown's domain was transferred to Shopify, conserving their domain authority and SEO ranking.

Shopify SEO Marketing

Post launch, we worked to optimize Teambrown's metadata and on-page SEO so that Google could properly index their site (bringing in more organic traffic).

For ranking on Google, we closely tracked a few key metrics::

  1. Domain Authority: This is essentially a measure of how much Google trusts your website. A higher number (out of 100) means you'll rank higher

  2. Keywords: With few keywords, Google won't know WHAT to rank your site for. We add keywords with lots of targeted (but genuine) content. Luckily TBA loves their niche and has helped along the way.

  3. Sales: Did you think I was going to say traffic? That one is granted. But ultimately for Shopify e-commerce stores, the goal is revenue. Post-launch, not only did TBA's traffic increase, they started seeing orders for 5, 6, and 7 products instead of 1 (which was standard before the re-design).

One month post-launch, Teambrown saw a 56% jump in organic traffic! We're excited to continue partnering with the TBA team to get more organic traffic.

Additional Business Services

If you've worked for an online company, you probably know that every project has additional tasks that need to be completed to ensure a smooth transition. While we moved Teambrown's products to their new platform, we also made sure payment processing was functional, and transferred over their company policies.

We also took care of:

  • Abandoned cart recovery systems

  • Blog and post organization

  • Analytics and reporting setup (Google Search Console & G Analytics)

  • Domain transfer from GoDaddy to Shopify

  • App management, including MailChimp,, and HotJar

With any migration, our goal is to ensure a smooth transition, including a quick setup to avoid down-time and get your e-commerce store fresh & fully functional.

Looking to move your website from Wix to Shopify? Starting from scratch? Learn about our web design process, or contact us today.


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