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Why I Started Business Consulting

in Phoenix, AZ

My background

(aka: Why should I trust you with my business?)

I didn’t start this journey with the vision to help business owners. This journey actually started back in high school, in my parent’s shed, trying to find a way to avoid getting a “real” job.

I built my first company with sheer grit and an unwavering desire to be able to tell everyone that I could make it work. What my friends and family saw were some wooden products on a website. What I saw was article after podcast after video, in an attempt to discover any advantage available to me as a web based business owner.

Through that process, I found a few things that worked very well, and many things that didn’t work… for me. But what I’ve found through working with my phoenix business consulting clients is that every tactic can work if applied at the right time to the right business.

I use this framework to help businesses scale faster, and see options that they otherwise would have missed.

Why I love business consulting

What it comes down to is depth. From my perspective that means depth in connection with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, and from my client’s perspective it means diving into the parts of their business that they were afraid to visit.

There is a type of connection and camaraderie that you can achieve with business building that’s unlike any other. Businesses are the backbone of not only our economy, but our day to day lives. I love being able to have a direct impact on helping entrepreneurs make money on a business that they love.

I didn’t have to start consulting to see how difficult it can be to operate a company or startup - especially on your own. If your process looks anything like mine did, there are probably a lot of people who don’t necessarily believe in you. Friends, family, and colleagues tend to have their own intentions in mind, and may not understand the possibilities. It’s not until you prove them wrong that they hop on the bandwagon. I love that I can be an authentic source of optimism during the startup stage.

The difference between a business coach and A business consultant

The word “coach” has a lot of different connotations. In fact, for me it includes fitness and nutrition coaching. The truth is that every part of your life is interconnected, and having a coach, consultant, therapist, or mentor that doesn’t take all of these areas into account leaves you susceptible to miss something.

  • A business coach provides accountability and motivation (with some guidance)

  • A small business consultant provides guidance and planning (with accountability)

This is not to say that either one is right or wrong. If you have great ideas but lack motivation, you need a coach. If you’re on the 4am hustle & grind - but you’re lacking direction - you need a consultant. As a consulting client you’ll inherently get accountability, just like you’ll get some guidance and planning with a coach. What is your priority?

Rarely is a person born with every skill that they need to be highly successful. Honestly, asking for help is the first step in scaling.

Collaboration over competition

When I first got into this game I listened to a lot of Eric Thomas. I watched motivation videos until I had to take blood pressure meds (true story, better now). The disappointing part of that type of messaging is that it’s us against the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some friendly competition. But I think it delayed my realization that the best resource we have in this world is other people. We can hire them, partner with them, learn with them, and learn from them.

If there’s one thing you take away today, I hope that you ask for help in building your business. If you’re low on funds, find an unpaid mentor. If the voice in your head just said “no one will help me,” I invite you to consider if you’ve ever even asked.

If you’re in a place to give this a go, let’s talk. If it’s not a good fit, chances are I know someone who would be.

- with love, RA


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